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Approach vs. method

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Research method vs. analysis methodology

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What Fourier patently sought was stability by way of selection and, by virtue of that stability, the liberty to choose and to will-in brief, freedom via multiplicity. The treaties that existed between preliterate communities had been more procedural than distributive of their intent; they have been meant to establish settlement in decision-making processes and methods of coordinating frequent actions, not to apportion power and things. The subversion of natural society drastically undermined this principle of authentic freedom. Compensation was restructured into rewards, simply as presents have been replaced by commodities. Cuneiform writing, the greekdates idea of our alphabetic script, had its origins within the meticulous data Meetic the temple clerks saved of products acquired and merchandise dispersed, in brief, the precise accounting of goods, presumably even when the land was “communally owned” and worked in Mesopotamia. Only afterwards were these ticks on clay tablets to become narrative types of script.

Senator vs. congressman

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Methodist vs. baptist

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