We conversed a few times and I don’t think she was a bad person. However, I can’t excuse the fact that they covered to see each other after they got caught up. I have been separated from him for years and now pending divorce. However, I still don’t care for either of them.

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  • Not crying may be seen as a sign of disrespect.
  • Nah, actually not, I expect that most of you here have no capacity for REAL human emotion, thought, or logic (that’s already been proven) …
  • When a loved one dies, these are the first two words that everyone says.

Naturally, the relationship was not All bad, as your article pointed out. So it is not difficult for me to remember the positive things that the relationship contributed to my life. In some ways he was quite brilliant and taught me to be a better version of myself.

And if I told my mum she would have gone ballistic and I wasn’t sure what she would do. I didn’t want to break up my family. Now he’s dead I find myself so conflicted, I am sad and will miss him but at the same time I’m slightly happy and relieved that I never have to feel stressed in his presence again.

The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

I’m afraid that I’m turn slowly like him. I am currently grieving the loss of my husband, I have recently discovered had been molesting my daughter . I immediately filed charges on him and after a lengthy investigation, he was arrested and faced a life nike air max 1 navy sentence. This resulted in brain damage so severe that I was called to the hospital to take him off of life support. I didn’t have to make that choice, cause his heart stopped on its own, after 2 days on life support. This has been so traumatic for my daughter , my son and myself.

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My dad weighed 4 stone when me died and was on a syringe driver for the last 8 mo this for the pain. His excuse for not coming to see dad was one of the heartless things I have ever heard. “well he does not come to see me so why should I see him’. Om did so much for when his marriages broke up and more. It hurts but one day karma will happen I just can’t make it move on from it as I am angry and hurt and that was why I go to the grave with me. I have no happiness or interest in life.

He stopped calling/visiting unless he needed something. I stopped allowing him in my life about a year ago and now he’s gone for good. I don’t actually even know the last time I saw him but I was still mad at him when I did see him. I wanted to just have a normal brother but I knew it would never happen. I feel like I made the right decision when I set healthy boundaries but I also wish I could have helped him because he was severely mentally Ill.

It sounds like I misplaced him. After almost 55 years of marriage, I’m still adjusting to being just “one.” My family and friends have been terrific, so that helps a great deal. However, I don’t like to say, “It gets better,” because it doesn’t; you just get used to it. I can’t even imagine your pain when your child died, because that’s got to be the worst loss anyone has to endure. I will add you to my prayers, if that’s okay, asking our Lord to continue to give you strength, as He has done for me. Thank you for sharing your grief and also providing such valuable suggestions to all of us who will eventually have to comfort friends and loved ones when they are experiencing grief.

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I have a lot of mixed emotions about everything and am also still in shock. I hope you find some peace because no matter what he’ll always be your brother. But your feelings are your feelings. I think we all can grow from these situations I’m some way.

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Even if it involves risking their life. You are also fueled by passion… It is not necessarily a bad thing to seek financial gain… As long as that passion is there. I have a passion for writing about art. BUT I would probably do it far less if I did not earn some coin doing it.