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  • Fruits and berries are among the world’s most popular health foods.
  • They are best eaten by both the dead and living when drizzled with honey or dusted with powdered white or colored sugar.
  • Ärtsoppa is usually followed by a dessert of pancakes topped with fruit preserves.
  • One of the ways Muslims celebrate Eid is to donate food to the poor.
  • Soaked almonds are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

On some of the days, there are to recipes to help you celebrate, and on other days, there are links to posts or videos that will help you learn more about the history of each national day. This list of national food days in Julygives us so many foods to celebrate, and recipes to share. Besides the typical holidays that call for extravagant food spreads and homemade meals, there are tons of national food days that should be on your radar. They don’t all require a celebration but if you’re ever looking for an excuse to have a themed dinner or to drink a certain liquor by the truck load—you should keep some of these days in mind.

It is especially popular in the UK and Ireland, to the extent that many cafés and pubs offer the meal at any time of day as an “all-day breakfast”. It is also growing place popular in other English-speaking countries. Many countries have designated specific days as celebrations, commemorations, or acknowledgments of certain types of foods and dishes. All too often, seemingly healthy snacks are secretly loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. That’s why we handpicked the healthiest foods to eat that are delicious and incredibly easy to cook.

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“So good. I loved the crunchy Parmesan cheese at the bottom of the pan! I only baked it for about 15 minutes. A keeper, I will definitely make again.” Try a quick, easy and flavorful twist on a slow-cooked Italian classic. This easy springtime dessert gets crunch from oats and chopped hazelnuts. Melissa’s cupcakes are kid and adult-friendly thanks to the lemon and orange zest in the batter and her special white-chocolate frosting. Dress up store-bought ravioli with quick, homemade tomato sauce flavored with Italian salami and basil. Fruity olive oil is the secret ingredient in this light, lemony cake.

March 27: National World Whisky Day

The United States has over 175 days related to awareness of specific foods or drinks. Typically enjoyed cold with or without added alcohol, horchata is made from soaked rice sweetened with cinnamon and sugar. The popular drink is consumed along with traditional Day of the Dead food as well as throughout the year. Day of the Dead food and drinks vary depending on the country or region. Many traditional Day of the Dead foods are comforting and rich with significance for the holiday and the families enjoying them.

From basic grilled corn on the cob to Mexican-inspired corn on the cob and bacon-wrapped corn on the cob, these recipes are the perfect side dish for any summer barbecue meal. Collagen is found everywhere in our bodies and it is most abundant in the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. But it also holds our tissues together, providing the skeleton with a sturdy yet flexible structure that we count on every day. I noticed a lot of improvements in my skin, hair, and nails after having collagen every day in my morning smoothies. Even my younger daughter swears by it saying it’s the only way her nails will grow and stay healthy. My hair grows like crazy now and it didn’t before, and I know it’s the collagen because when I stop taking it then it stops.

However, people living in rural areas are the first to be affected by a poor harvest. Even those who can afford healthy food may eat poorly. The diets of many people in developed countries are too high in the fats, salt, and refined sugars found in junk food. These diets are too low in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. By filling your plate with fruits, vegetables, quality protein sources, and other whole foods, you’ll have meals that are colorful, versatile, and good for you.

Burton has lived in skid row for nearly a decade, and he was a regular at the store. He sang the chorus to the R&B song “Slow Down” to a customer who rushed out and left his groceries at the counter, prompting a snort of laughter. He teases people about their sneakers and commiserates with people about life on skid row.

It is believed that the food turns bad the next day because they take the essence of the food away. Get ready for Day of the Dead festivities by stocking up on these traditional foods and drinks. Day of the Dead is one of the oldest traditions practiced. The Day of the Dead lasts from October 31 to November 2 and is celebrated to honor the deceased. Day of the Dead isn’t a somber or sad celebration — it’s a colorful festival where people celebrate and remember their deceased ancestors.

Christy Creme in Council Bluffs offers ice cream, a grill menu and daily flavors of housemade sherbet. Down south in the states, you’ll also find families gathering for a post-service meal, but often over a pile of crispy fried chicken for a lively and casual dinner. Call it a triumph of advertising, but Bostonians who grew up in the early 70s are bound to crave spaghetti on Wednesdays. Then local to Boston’s North End, PRINCE brand pasta ran advertisements featuring the slogan, “Wednesday is PRINCE spaghetti day.” And for many, it was. Calientes made with Mexican chocolate , milk, and cinnamon is best when served piping hot. If you or your ancestors are up to the challenge, then sprinkle chili powder into your Mexican hot chocolate for a bit of spicy fun.