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There’s no airs or graces here, it’s a down to earth pub with a lively atmosphere all day long. You can pop in to watch the match, tuck into pub classics or get your night started with a few drinks before you head into town. It’s a venue for all occasions and it’s also one of the stops on the famous Otley Run. Brudenell Social Club is one of the most important music venues in Leeds. This pub-cum-gig space is a rite of passage for new bands trying to make their mark, but it also attracts established acts – The Cribs, Johnny Marr and Bloc Party have all graced this famous stage in recent years. And even when there’s no live music on, it’s a must-visit for the local ale, live sport and pool.

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We were also part of the slum clearance and even then we knew it was engineered by the labour council and the then MP John Silkin, was fully aware of this fact. I feel very sorry for deptford with it’s incredible history and the once thriving and classy high street, now it’s third world and getting worse. Still we had the best times there and with great schools like John Evelyn you couldn’t ask for a better and very happy child hood. Victoria 1967, thank you for your observations re my comments. I respect your point of view and I would appreciate it if you would respect my own point of view by disagreeing but not insulting me by accusing me of “talking nonsense”. I do not expect the documentary makers to do PR for the area. I merely expressed the view that the documentary was unbalanced offering only a negative view of the area and not highlighting any of the positives.

Hare & Hounds – Live Music!!

Great program, that shows how city planing destroys communities. Those houses could have been improved with minimum destruction.

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CHIC, is one of the most notable pop and disco sensations of all time with their their hits, “Good Times”, “Dance, Dance, Dance”, “Everybody Dance”, “I Want Your Love” and “Le Freak” being recognisable all around the world. Not only that but there’s performances from Arcadia, AREA51 and AlterNacija. The final day ended with the Local Natives, Everything Everything, Palma Violets, Kurt Vie and the Violators, Portishead and Sigur Ros. Not only was there a great selection of established bands on offer, but also some exciting new bands to watch out for. One band that stood out were Autre Ne Teut, hailing from New York, these guys provided a packed out tent to a mixture of way out musical styles mixed with some great beats to match. Sigur Ros closed the festival with an incredible set and atmosphere to match.

“I’ve been to the V festival in Chelmsford twice, in…”

The former would be good for placating the BMG faithful within the still merging major – Smellie being their man on the SonyBMG board. However the Sony side of the business will be lobbying for another of their execs to get the prestigious role, so appointing an outsider like Ames might be a good way to avoid fuelling ongoing Sony / BMG tensions. I’m going with MIA, but the bookies reckon Kaiser Chiefs are the favourites, with William Hill offering 4/1 odds on them winning. Bloc Party, KT Tunstall and Coldplay are equal second place, all with 6/1 odds on winning. Out this Friday the new album from @OzzyOsbourne ‘Patient number 9’.

  • Extended families live in the same area and form communities.
  • I’ve lived off Reginald Rd in a 1980’s council flat, visible in the programme, for the last decade.
  • Really surprised at all the positive comments about this extremely biased programme.
  • For those with a D cup Empreinte also offers a 30D cup size.
  • It’s only small, but Bangkok Express packs a big punch.

“Kaisers Chiefs – Employment [this ghastly simpleton singalong student band will get in.” Apparently 170 albums have been put forward this year – how come we never get to see this full list. If my list of guesses wasn’t too long already, I’d put The Go! Team’s Thunder, Lightning Strike and Saint Etienne’s Tales From Turnpike House on there as outside bets…

What on earth will be nominated for the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize 2005 shortlist?

Well alright, not on the street itself, which is still teeming with tourists, but just a couple of stones’ throws away, two musicians… This December there’s a trail of unique hand made stars exhibited in shops around Seaford town centre. By clicking ‘Register’ you confirm that your data has been entered correctly and you have read and agree to ourTerms of use,Cookie policyandPrivacy notice. By clicking ‘Create my account’ you confirm that your data has been entered correctly and you have read and agree to ourTerms Blockparty crypto of use,Cookie policyandPrivacy notice. On Thursday, the Wigmore Hall in London will launch a new concert series – co-produced by the Aga Khan Music Initiative – which is also entitled “The Other Classical Musics”, and which will celebrate the music of the Muslim world. The myriad forms and styles of what marketing people call “world music” are lumped together in an undifferentiated mass, reflecting a mind-set which is still essentially colonial. We should simply drop this injurious and misleading term.

  • I too felt angry about the wrongful demolition of people’s homes and its impact on their lives.
  • In fact, mention of arts projects irritate me somewhat, as they are generally a ‘good idea’ imposed on a community by outsiders.
  • The menu is huge and it’s full of big South Asian flavours.
  • I live in the area and everyone I know loves Deptford High Street.
  • Out this Friday the new album from @OzzyOsbourne ‘Patient number 9’.

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There were no ‘experts’ in Deptford High Street and historians don’t specialise in single streets. A friend of mine was one of the judges – apparently Elbow were streets ahead in the judges voting. The view & the kooks are for people who aren’t that interested in music. I used their vocals as a model when I needed to sound working class.

I have myself been studying the social history where I grew up in East London for artistic purposes and have covered the East London Nichols area, Whitechapel and Spitalfields. All extremely deprived areas only 40 years ago, now elite areas for the rich and famous to bag an urban pad down with the gritty locals. Ironically, Boundary Road in Shoreditch which was one of the poorest streets in the UK according to Booths study and Jack London’s, now has a development for private flats going up which no one but the very wealthy will be able to afford. Again, a case of the council not providing for the those from the area but for the big buck developers to sell onto city Traders as flats for the week instead of families thus eroding communities and making these areas heartless. Nothing has changed in 100 years in these areas so close to the City. The poorest keep being squeezed tighter and tighter on top of each other in deprived areas.

June 02, 2022 O2 City Hall Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom Tour Thread [Setlist, Media, Discussion]

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  • Talking of download platforms expanding – Coke are taking their Loudeye powered mycokemusic platform into new countries in Europe.
  • You may think that it wont be a problem but when you are carrying a tent,sleeping bags,beer and other amenities for 50min in the rain you may have wished that you had thought this over.
  • However, it must be noted that it was extremely one-sided and the councillor was very unfairly portrayed.
  • As far as i can remember, all the previous winners have been British.
  • If I was a guide in Deptford, I would be very interested in this history rather than embarrassed that it wasn’t a PR job for the area.

I lived in deptford all life and very proud of that fact, then it was tough but very, very safe. Now it is crime ridden, none of the great people now live there because of the very high crime. The program was interesting but could have interviewed the people of manzis and goddards pie mash shop’s who have been there for years.

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We’re also super proud to support our local high streets, working closely with over 1,500 florist members who craft and hand-deliver our bouquets each day. A fortnight ahead of their second album Red’s release, Guillemots are easing themselves back into playing live music with three consecutive dates, road testing their new material. Anyone familiar with the band’s quirky stage shows… While I liked the lineup a bit more than you – Morrissey is always lovely, Rufus Wainwright was perfect, Bloc Party, Art Brut (Top of the Pops!), Radiohead….there were so many organizational issues with this year’s festival that it really put me off.

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