Visit the Downdetector Methodology page to learn more about how Downdetector collects status information and detects problems. You can still put a web client with persistent chat history in front of IRC. TheLounge is one example and Convos is another. Discord history, on the other hand, can be deleted from the servers at any time. Often when you go back to double check something that was written previously, it’s not there any more. You can mute @everyone and @username, but you cannot mute @role. It’s really irritating in lots of gaming servers where they assign roles by game rank or something similar. As far as server/channel mute – believe me, I have tried every option, including your suggestions.

disable discord notifications

Maybe you want live viewers to send you direct messages in certain circumstances. Maybe you’re running a community game and want people joining a Discord channel to play along. Whatever the reason, there are more elegant ways to mute Discord on your stream. After this, you won’t receive any notifications from the Discord app.

Fix Discord Is Stuck On Gray Screen On Windows Pc

Windows 10 also allows apps to display notifications as status messages on your lock screen. If you don’t want to see status messages on your lock screen, you can remove them. The app allows the users to choose whether to enable or disable notification for a particular channel if they want. Now, enable all the options for desktop notifications, unread message badges, and taskbar flashing.

The red dot signifies that you have an unread message notification! So, if it isn’t inessential, just hold it. Maybe you need this red dot to remind you of the job description or an unforgettable online date. The good news is that Discord does not notify users if they have been muted. They won’t receive any message or notification, but they might notice if you stop responding to things they say in the channel. Of course, in channels with dozens or hundreds of users, this will be significantly less noticeable.


However, there are some ways from you can easily turn off discord notifications on windows without having a hassle. These are the different ways that you can turn off or mute notification on the Discord platform. Turn off all the unwanted notifications from Discord and use the platform efficiently. If you have any doubts about the Discord and its notification settings, tell us in the comments section. From here on, there are three ways to the mute notification. The simplest way is to click the Notification icon on the right side of the chat screen. This will mute the notification without any further steps.

You can repeat the same steps to block multiple users and also to unblock them. Now, select and hold the channel name you wish to mute. Try any of the methods listed below to disable Discord notifications on your Android phone. The selected user will stay on mute unless you turn it off manually. You can do so for as many users as you want. You will now see a redline crossing over the bell icon, which indicates that this channel is on mute. Choose the Time frame to choose from the drop-down menu as 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or until you manually turn it off. Right-click the Channel you wish to mute and hover your cursor over the Mute channel option. Discord is a great platform for gamers as it allows them to communicate with each other by creating channels. If you like to use Discord for its audio/text conversation feature during gameplay, then you must also be aware of constantly pinging Discord notifications.

How To Turn Off Discord Notifications In The Discord App?

The last way is to click the channel or server name and choose the Notification Settings option. You can use the same procedure to turn off notification for any apps. Just choose the app and turn off Show Notification toggle. In both Android and iOS smartphones, you have the option to turn off notifications from a specific app. The steps are more or less the same for Android and iOS smartphones. Finally, tap Mute server to mute the notifications for the entire server. Deselect the option marked Show notifications on lock screen and Show in Notifications. Finally, turn the toggle off for the option titled Get notifications from apps and other senders, as depicted.

Most of the time, when you install Discord on your computer, its notification automatically gets enabled. But sometimes, the OS fails to do so. Therefore, you may have to enable Discord app notifications manually. Right-click on the server icon and go to Notification Settings. Change notification settings to “only @ mentions”. Now you will only be alerted if you are mentioned by username or if your role (your cohort or @everyone) is mentioned. Just following below given step by step instructions. Getting notifications from applications installed on your computer is quite annoying sometimes. Because if you want to focus on one thing it can’t be possible if you continue receiving notifications on your system.

How To Disable Test Mode Windows 10 ?

Is a channel blowing up endlessly, disturbing you and your peaceful solitude? Just block out alerts from a single track, or shut down a number of them from a single screen. @Joyiscode @DianRBLX @Roblox_RTC It displays the ROBLOX server disable discord notifications IP, but it’s becoming more of an issue now that there are services specialized in taking down servers. @LugiCuno Tried uninstalling and installing discord on my phone to fix the vc issues and I forgot to do the re installing part lol.

You can choose how long you want the channel muted for as well. You will stop receiving notifications when they message you. Go to the chat with the user you want to block. They can still send messages on shared servers, but you won’t be able to see them. You will not get notifications about their message in chats as well as shared servers. @Avonelle Is anyone else experiencing Discord issues where one person can’t see video of one other person in a group video session? I’ve been having this issue since July, and it’s getting old. @tspainfo @dtspartnership @discord @Pinterest Panelist @katersully talks about boundaries. Success can’t mean “fixing misogyny!” #trustandsafety pros have to set the finish line at an achievable place. We’re working within society to combat societal problems, but we cannot fix those problems in our jobs alone.

If I’ve read the messages, I know they’ve been logged, and I know they’ll still be there. Blocking users shows a large “BLOCKED” message, with no option to truly block them. Welcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. We have thousands of articles and guides to help you get the most out of technology. Our articles have been read over 275 million times since we launched in 2007. If an entire channel is bothering you , you can mute the entire channel. Right-click the channel name and choose Mute Channel.

disable discord notifications