Forgot the name of the hotel but it was to the side to a mountain right above the town and can see the whole town at night. Vallarta I think that is the best place, i have traveled there many times, and its awesome. Has a lot of different places to discover, most of them are not in the news of blogs, you have do search and find them.

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  • U.S. citizens must declare the value of any gifts they are carrying when they enter Mexico.
  • Stalls with fresh-cut fruit laying out in the open can often attract flies and are best avoided.
  • U.S. citizens should exercise due diligence and do extensive research before selecting a residential treatment facility.
  • Requirements in other countries may differ from U.S. requirements.
  • Over the past three years, we have spent over twelve months traveling through Mexico with kids.

Take tablets if it affects you, otherwise drink lots of water after you arrive, eat carbohydrates, and be aware that altitude increases the effects of alcohol and strenuous activity . The weather in Mexico varies greatly from one coast to the other. In central Mexico, take some form of jacket no matter when you travel.

Something To Consider Before Traveling To Mexico With A Dog

You will need proof of coverage for Mexico to gain entry into the country at the border. If you’re unsure about your documentation, it’s a good idea to ask for clarification before you travel. The last thing you want to do is spend your road camp sites harris trip never making it past the border due to a lack of proper documentation. Many of the Riviera Maya cenotes will be in large caves, which is a fun experience but if you are visiting with a baby or toddler, they may not want to be in the cold water for very long. To learn more about these incredible Mayan ruins, you can hire a private guide with transportation.

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When you apply for a tourist visa, the authorities can see your card at any time. Companies who offer free copies of a waiver that prevents you from cancelling your contract are breaking the law. A timeshare contract cannot be canceled more than five working days after the contract has been entered into. If the traveler intends to travel for less than 90 days, they should bring a photocopy of their passport page with the photo and valid tourist visa with them.

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Meanwhile, there is some English spoken throughout Mexico’s bigger communities but that’s never a guarantee. Elsewhere in Mexico, English is seldom spoken by the local population. Place a bottle of water next to the faucet to help remind you to use it when brushing your teeth in Mexico. So be sure to check your official government policy before you load up on dozens of bottles to fly home with. Even if you’ve completed your meal, the server has cleared the table entirely, and the server has asked if you’d like anything else; don’t expect to get the bill automatically.

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Not many, in a country of 120 million people, in a geographical area almost half the size of the EU countries combined. As much as you wouldn’t go down a dark alley in any capital city, you don’t visit the states where the cartels operate . U.S. government employees are not allowed to travel to certain areas in Mexico because of the limited emergency services available. If there are employees already in those parts of Mexico, they are restricted from hailing taxis and traveling in the dark to other cities. Employees can only use authorized vehicles such as ride-hailing apps like Uber and taxis stands. Mexico is known for its great weather and if you are visiting the Mexican Caribbean or the Mexican Pacific Coast you will definitely want sunny days.

The immigration form has been removed and the government is already preparing for a record-breaking Winter season. Mexico offers travelers a wonderful fall vacation experience. The Mexican Caribbean and the Mexican Pacific coast have incredible beaches and warm weather. And unlike the idea a lot of people have of Mexican weather, it’s not hot and sunny in all parts of the country all the time.